Coating & Sealing

Why Sealing? 

Maintaining your Concrete or Pavers is essential to keeping the original presentation of your landscape. Sealing will beautify your paved area which will add a whole new dimension to your outdoor area.Pavers and concrete requires little maintenance and could last a life time if they are correctly maintained. Sealing is one of your first steps in maintaining your surfaces and will surely assist in keeping the appearance while prolonging the usable life of your outdoor living space.

Stone seal comparison
Paver sealer comparison
blue paver seal comparison

Application of a sealer  to your surfaces is key component to the preservation of the color and wear of the pavement.

When concrete pavers are manufactured, pigmentation is used to create the different colors and the concrete holds the pigments in place.

The color will not fade or discolor, however, overtime the material will wear and may begin to erode from the wear and traffic.

Therefore the pavers should be cleaned and sealed to prevent the build up of dirt and the chance of erosion.

Pavers are generally used for applications such as courtyards, walkways, pool, driveways, patios and garden pathways.

There is also a large selection of paver materials on the market, like brick pavers, concrete pavers and all natural stone pavers.

These commonly used types of pavers  perform best if they are either sealed or coated for protection.

Here is a list of the benefits associated with Paver Sealing

1. Enhance the Look of your Pavers

Paver Sealing will provide a top coat that will enhance the color of your pavers.

2. Protect your Pavers

Paver Sealing can also provide a protective layer for your pavers. This will help maintain your pavers in harsh weather conditions or high traffic areas. Paver Sealer can protect pavers from the effects of wear and tear.

3. Remove Stains

Applying a Paver Sealer to your pavers will make removing stubborn stains such as oil and grease much easier. If your pavers are sealed most of these substances do not have the ability to soak into the surface of the pavers, therefore all you need to do is wipe them off with a rag as soon as you notice them, and that’s it! If your pavers were not sealed your paved driveway could start to look very tired and dirty after a short while. Paver Sealing helps to reduce efflorescence,stop moisture absorption,prevents staining from oil, grease, rust, slows down the growth of weeds, algae, mold and mildew.