Anti Slip Coatings

Our anti slip coating is like no other coating on the market. Unlike other anti slip “treatments” we actually create a rough slip resistant texture on your surface. We have successfully applied our coating process to ceramic tile, concrete, stone, terrazzo, as well as many others.


Our process starts with a 3 part coating which we apply as a tack layer, we then apply our specially formulated glass nano beads, which we generously broadcast on the surface. The process ends with a final layer of our coating, creating what we like to call a “sandwich construction”. The final result is a soft bumpy slip coefficient finish that far exceeds the ability of any current measuring devices.
























With the ability to adjust the finished texture to your liking, such as light grip to aggressive for more commercial & industrial.

Our Anti skid/ non slip coatings dries quickly while retaining durable and quality that make it an effective solution.

Special features of our non slip floor coating products cover a variety of surfaces where a slip resistant finish is needed.

Our floor coatings also work best for:

Covering tile, terrazzo, steel, acrylic and concrete surfaces

Self-priming capability on most surfaces.

Global Surface Solutions offers a broad range of clear anti slip/ non slip coatings for a variety of surfaces including

Hotel Pool Decks




Handicap Ramps


Valet Driveways

Hotel Lobbies